Meeting held on the 31st July.

1 Aug

With a full entry and the weather conditions set fair the meeting of EASSC ran on their behalf by Luton&District MCC Ld at our track at Toddington began.

The track conditions were excellent having been watered the night before, although a brisk wind was going to mean that more watering would be needed.

Practice got off on time and all riders going out and no negative feedback. The racing was fast and furious and the more recognized rider’s in each class showing good form, with no interval watering was carried out between heats the dust causing concerns just as the start straight met the track and the turn on to the rythem section giving the girls in lap scoring some difficulty of seeing riders numbers.

With the rain forecast for the afternoon failing to appear the races were got through fairly briskly, although a spectacular off from Kyle Creevy on the rythem section saw him sustain a suspected broken coller bone, he’s off didn’t stop the race luckily.

We all at Luton&District MCC Ld hope he is comfortable and has a speedy recovery.

The meeting ran to its conclusion without further incident and the weather stayed favorable, all results can be found in the web site or on Mylaps.

One final word, congratulations to all the respective staff who under some pressure’s were able to hold this meeting.

We look forward too the next meeting being held on Monday 29th of August please come along and support your MX club.


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