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We are affiliated to the Auto Cycle Union (ACU) who provide us with a set of rules to follow, that ensure we run safe events.
To race at any ACU Motocross event you will need to be a member of an ACU affiliated club, have an ACU license, pay the entry fee and have a transponder that records lap times and position. You need to wear an ACU approved crash helmet and all protective equipment listed in the ACU handbook.(Attached)
You have a few choices if you want to race with us;
1. You can take single day club membership, single day ACU license (this will be refunded if you decide to take an annual license) and hire a transponder on race day.
2. Take full membership and an annual license and it is possible to lease or buy a transponder.
3. Any combination of the above.
We purchase a Basic Cover insurance policy for our events, this covers you for third party claims but not personal accidents. Details attached. Personal accident cover can be purchased separately.
We have a website; and are on facebook.
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